Bubonic Plague

Driving along a dusty, Texas hot, road I spotted a large garbage bag.

Instinctively, I knew what was in that large plastic bag. After all, I did read the newspapers.

Fortunately, I mean unfortunately the kids were with me and I could hardly be expected to subject them to such a gruesome sight. So in parable fashion, I passed right on by. Knowing that someone else would be along shortly. Someone, braver than I, and without kids to protect, do you see.

Two days later found me driving down that same road. This time sans kids. The bag was still there.

No excuses this time.

I stopped, and did my civic duty. Using a long stick I opened the bag.

Yes indeed, there was a body in there.

A dog. He had been dead a long, long time. Even I could tell.


The discovery required a very lengthy time under a hot shower.

The next morning I woke up being very, very ill.

And then a book that I had recently read kicked in.

There is was. Just like in the book. A dead animal. An inquisitive person. The beginning of a horrifying nation wide outbreak of the Bubonic Plague.


I checked with a pharmacist. No he didn't happen to have any medication for the Bubonic Plague on hand.

I explained the close proximity to the dead animal.

He suggested that it might be a coincidence. That it might just be morning sickness.

I scoffed.

Pshaw! I already had children. Besides, I was way too old. I was thirty-two.


A few weeks later, I wound up in the hospital.

The doctor was quite sympathetic. He explained that no, I was not spreading the Bubonic Plague.

He said my problem was Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

That sounded pretty impressive. However, I knew the real truth. I obviously had the Bubonic Plague, but because of the early onset of the very severe morning sickness, the plague was halted before it could be transmitted to others.


This is a true account. Of real happenings. And of a mind with way too much free space.