Subliminal Message

People, (ahem, read fans), ask where I get ideas for stories. From real life. Usually, my own little happenstances. And observations.And yes, sometimes there are little subtle teaching moments that creep in unawares.Both to me, and to the reader.


I was playing with my favorite plastic doll in the closed-in back porch at the home of my childless aunt and uncle.

I dropped the doll.

Her arm broke off.

My absolute, heartbreaking, blood-curdling shriek that followed, was probably able to be heard all the way to the state capitol.

My aunt and uncle were there in seconds. Hearts racing. Terrified.

There I stood. The little broken doll crushed to my chest. The plastic arm held out to them pleadingly. I was sobbing great, heart-wrenching sobs.

My aunt ran to me solicitously, lovingly.

My uncle, on the other-hand was not sounding very loving, or solicitous.

Actually, he had his hand over his heart, and was swearing. The words were in a foreign language, but I could tell that they were swear words. My aunt confirmed my deduction was right, by admonishing me to not repeat them.

I had never heard my uncle swear before.

Fast forward:

Bob is building in the back yard. Five year old Leah places her favorite doll on one of the boards.

“Leah, you'd better move Beulah, or she's gonna get cut up with the board.”

Leah let out a bloodcurdling scream, (runs in the family, do you see), and grabbed her dolly. She ran sobbing, to me.

“What did I do?” Bob was dumbfounded.


In my latest book, “Rosie: A Pledge to Justice” A child character has a dolly named Beulah.

And Beulah, the dolly saves a life:

“... Cam managed a resigned grin, as he turned the horse, and then shifted to lean down below the saddle to scoop up the child's beloved doll. He had no desire to listen to the grief-filled wailing that would certainly ensue if he lost Beulah now.

“The unexpected buzz-like sound of an angry bee coincided with the scream of his horse. It reared, and Cam fell into the mud.

“ ... he heard the high pitch of another rifle shot. He rolled through the muddy ground until he was in comparative safety ...”


Subliminal message delivered to all. Especially the male readers.

Girls and mommies, you are welcome.