Darlene Hodge

About Darlene Hodge

Darlene Hodge was born a long time ago in a city world renowned for its crime and lack of punishment. Overcoming, she has managed to lead a normal life, of sorts.

Hodge has been a writer and reporter for a lot of years which led to many strange encounters with some pretty well-known people i.e. Governor Jesse Ventura, a few congressmen, and some law enforcement types.

She has a Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do, which she teaches. Hodge recently earned a Master's Degree that leans heavily to the area of history and specifically to the history of nutrition with all its political ramifications.

Hodge writes both fiction and non-fiction, almost always with a touch of humor.

"When someone tells me that they actually laughed out loud while reading certain humorous passages in one of my books, I try very hard to control the urge to shout, 'Yes! Mission accomplished.'''

Her 'sit-down time' hobbies include research, and history. Other, more kinetic hobbies pertain mostly to survival on a small hobby farm in the middle of The Superior National Forest.   


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