Dog Training. Sort of ...

Addendum to my last post about multitasking and maximizing time. Uh, well it isn't always a good idea. For instance:

If you are training your dog to heel?

And she is on a leash?

And she is a big dog?

It is probably the better side of valor, (that last noun should be replaced with 'good sense'), to pay really close attention to the mission at hand.

I am sure that you can get the comic section visual:

Young, big dog on leash.

Leash being held in left hand by

Sweet old lady, who is filling water jug for chickens, using right hand.


Rabbit on other side of yard.

Pretty sure I was flying through the air for at least ten feet.

Commercial break.

Come join our karate exercise class, where we specialize in LEARNING HOW TO FALL PROPERLY. Along with other important, and fun stuff.

We're on summer break now, but classes begin again September 5.


I am fine.

The dog obeyed very well the rest of the training session.

The rabbit is apparently fine, too.

Learn from other people's dumb mistakes.

You surly can't live long enough to make them all yourself