The Remarkable

Many people have commented on my fantastically remarkable self-control.

Especially when it comes to food.

They also have commented, in a positive manner concerning my equally remarkable agility. However, they almost always throw in an, “at your age,” caveat with that last statement.

In a burst of generosity, I am now going to share with my fan(s) the great secret to these mysteries. For free.

And it will be worth it, too.

The food.

Now that boils down to fear.

To be more precise:


Yes folks.

I have diabetes.

I do not take any medication.

If I do not meticulously keep a careful check on my carbohydrate intake on every bit of food that passes my lips ...

I will end up on the floor in a dizzying mental, and physical fog.

And so, wanting to avoid that feeling, do you see, I eat very,very carefully.

It has nothing to do with self-control.

And everything to do with cowardice.

The fantastic agility ability?

The secrets here are actually multiple.





Daily walks.

I try to walk up to my mailbox daily.

Even if there is no mail delivery that day.

It's a simple trek of about seven miles, or possibly the length of a football field.

Depending on your perspective.

One recent cold (below zero), windy, (strong), snowy, (blinding) day is a perfect example of the use of the three secrets as mentioned two paragraphs above.

I was already exhausted from almost dusting the furniture in the house.

And then I had taken care of the critters in the barn.

And now I was facing the arduous task of retrieving the mail.


I needed to make my body obey me.


Knowing the ramifications of a misstep under these conditions, I forced myself to retrieve the mail, anyway.


I took the car.