Class Compliment ...?

After lo, these many years of teaching karate, my students have received a huge compliment.

Which naturally translates to complimenting my teaching ability.

I have striven to teach the aforesaid students how to skillfully, fearlessly and humbly protect not only themselves, but others in the community who may otherwise fall prey to roaming bad guys.

I did mention humbly, right?


Anyway, we have been invited to be part of the entertainment at this summer's Festival of the Skalds.

The skalds were the story tellers of the olde Norse/Viking era.

The Festival is a themed garbed/costumed gathering.

The ladies were ecstatic when I told them.

We have been practicing our act for several weeks now.

To show off our fighting skills. To show how well we could protect all and sundry from villains and like that.

Protecting, not only ourselves, but others who may be helpless or afraid.

Fighting off scoundrels, varlets and other unsavory-like characters.

Shoving malefactors!

Smashing noses!

Kicking ankles!

We have begun to make our costumes.

And then came the shocking news.

We had not been invited to perform on stage. But to wander the Festival site.

To intimidate vendors.

To BE the varlets.!

The unsavory characters!

The villains!

  I was horrified.

Of course, we would have to refuse such undignified behavior.

I gave the bad news to my students.

There was stunned silence.

And then they all erupted into cheers and laughter.

“Yes! How fun! We get to be the bad guys!”

After all these years!

Where did I go wrong?